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  • We welcome the posting of fair and honest reviews on restaurants, cafes and other venues. The reviews that you submit are intended to help other discoversouthwindsor.com users make informed decisions on where to eat and drink in South Windsor.
  • Both positive and negative comments are welcome however please ensure that the comment is written in a diplomatic and non-offensive manner.
  • Please don't make any personal attacks on the venue's staff, management or owners.
  • Please don't refer to any activity which could result in legal charges or significant loss of business e.g. deliberate overcharging, licensing breaches or food poisoning.
  • The contents of your review is your responsibility. We reserve the right to delete any review that is deemed to be inappropriate, offensive, defamatory, illegal or unsuitable.
  • Users who post unsuitable material may be banned from submitting user reviews. This is entirely at the discretion of discoversouthwindsor.com. Any complaints about a review will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Avoid posting personal information. Reviews should not contain email or mailing addresses, phone numbers or any other personal information belonging to you or others.
  • Please do not submit a review if you're the employee or owner (or former employee or owner) of the restaurant or a competing restaurant. Your review is not an advertisement.
  • Please note that you are reviewing the restaurant not other user reviews.
  • Reviews are not ads. User submitted reviews must not contain advertising or commercial content.
  • Remember that this is a public venue read by many people spanning all walks of life. If you question a post please use the report abuse function.
  • If you have a health-related complaint don't post it here; contact your local Council for further information.
  • Please note that these are guidelines only and you are bound by the full terms and conditions.

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