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Communications and Member Services Coordinator
Part Time Position – 29 hrs per week

The role of the Communications and Member Services Coordinator is to perform activities to support the membership of the Chamber of Commerce organization. The Communications and Member Services Coordinator reports to the Executive Director.


The Communications and Member Services Coordinator is responsible for activities which provide direct benefit and interaction with the members of the organization. Activities include but are not limited to program/event marketing and coordination, member communications, marketing and social media, member services, press releases and special projects. Communications and Member Services Coordinator tasks require basic experience, skill, knowledge of organizational policies and practices.

Responsibilities and Tasks

Areas of responsibility are broad categories of work described in the profile.


1. Compose, type, edit, and/or copy correspondence. Respond to internal/external correspondence.

2. Gather and convey information. Facilitate flow of information within the office and/or organization.

3. Relay, interpret, and resolve email messages.

4. Screen calls and resolve inquiries.

5. Coordinate distribution of email communications including mass email distribution to Chamber membership.

Coordination / Administration

  1. Coordinate and communicate project plans.
  2. Coordinate and/or plan committee and/or organization activities / communications.
  3. Analyze data/problems, determine approach, prepare recommendations, and/or implement decisions.

The preceding job responsibilities and tasks are designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by the Communications and Member Services Coordinator. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all job duties and responsibilities required of employees assigned to this job description. Employees may be required to perform other duties as assigned. Individual goals and performance measurements are determined by the Executive Director.


This is a list of skills that may be required for the work. The level of expertise or mastery essential may vary based on job requirements.

Adaptability/Flexibility: Demonstrates ability to handle a fast, ever-changing environment. Demonstrates a willingness and ability to adjust to multiple demands, shifting priorities, ambiguity and rapid change. Sees more than one way to accomplish things and accepts/adapts to new or alternative approaches. Demonstrates a willingness and ability to perform various jobs and functions as assigned.

Attention to Detail: Demonstrates ability to conduct a precise and thorough review of materials/documents. Demonstrates a sensitivity to the details of the work and is aware of each step in a process or application; is accurate in carrying out processes and procedures.

Basic Math Skills: Demonstrates ability to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and work with percentages; able to use a calculator to perform mathematical functions.

Continuous Learning: Takes initiative to seek formal/informal training. Develops new skills and improves performance; asks questions to gain understanding. Applies new information, concepts or procedures and learns from experience.

Decision Making Ability: Demonstrates ability to make logical and sensible decisions based on available job knowledge/information, in a variety of situations. Considers potential consequences (including others’ views and emotions) prior to choosing a course of action; accepts and/or uses appropriate authority to make decisions; proceeds with confidence once decisions are made.

Initiative: Demonstrates ability and discipline to work independently with little or no supervision. Takes action without being told procedurally what to do each steo pof the way; suggests improvements; seeks increasing responsibility.

Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrates ability to work in a diverse group environment. Knows how to work with various personality types to get the work done. Relates well and shows respect and consideration for others; builds relationships.

Job Knowledge: Understands and applies industry/job standards, regulations and rules. Understands what is required to perform the job; knows what the organization is responsible for and what the supporting committees are responsible for; has a general understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives.

Organization Skills: Demonstrates ability to arrange or locate needed information and resources. Demonstrates ability to plan, structure and balance workload and resources.

PC Application Skills: Understands and applies a working knowledge of major software programs appropriate to various job functions. Such software may include but is not limited to: print management systems, MS-Office, electronic/desktop publishing systems, social media, electronic communications or other function specific software systems.

Prioritizing: Demonstrates ability to list or order tasks and responsibilities by importance. Focuses on activities that contribute most to agreed-upon goals. Performs first things first.

Time Management: uses time efficiently; works at a pace tog et things done within an appropriate timeframe; meets deadlines.

Verbal Communication: Demonstrates ability to speak and understand the English language. Effectively discusses ideas in a clear, succinct, organized manner; correctly uses words and sentences; gets the message across. Thinks before speaking so that information is presented in a tactful and thoughtful manner, considerate of others.

Written Communication: Demonstrates ability to read, write, and understand the English language. Expresses ideas in writing in an organized, articulate concise and grammatically correct manner; adjusts language to intended audience.

IF INTERESTED, PLEASE EMAIL RESUME TO This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it OR MAIL TO:

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